Market Evaluation

Don’t buy or sell a home before you know what it’s worth.

When you have your eye on that new property — or you’re thinking of selling one that you currently own — it’s crucial to get an accurate market evaluation done first.

At Realtii Victoria, we have over 60 years of experience performing market evaluations for our clients in Victoria, B.C.

Without a meticulous market evaluation, you could pay way more than you need to for a new property — or you could get far less than you deserve for a property that you already own.

So what’s involved with a market evaluation?

Our Advisor performs careful market evaluations for our Victoria clients, taking into account a number of factors including:

  • Properties that are similar in size and age to the property in question
  • Amenities the property has, including recent renovations and upgrades
  • The property location
  • Past sales data

For sellers, we’ll help you assess how to price your property based on that market data, and whether it’s worthwhile to perform any additional renovations or upgrades to make your property more attractive.

For buyers, our market analysis will help you determine whether this is the Victoria property that’s right for you, or whether another property might be more cost-effective.

Before you buy or sell your home, let our experienced real estate agents help you with a market analysis.

Make an informed decision about your home or potential investment today, with our detailed market analyses for Victoria home buyers and sellers.